Properties of Materials

Ductility in metal wires

We choose any object/product on the basis of their properties and uses. The important properties of the objects can be – Appearance, hardness, solubility, sinking or floating nature, transparency, malleability, ductility, conductivity and combustibility.


(i) Which of the following objects no not shine?

(a) Polished diamond         (b) Steel utensils         (c) Gold             (d) Notebook

(ii) Which of the following objects will sink in water?

(a) foam scrubber               (b) wood                 (c) pen               (d) football

(iii) Which is not malleable among these objects?

(a) iron                                   (b)diamond              (c) gold               (d) silver

(iv)Which object (or objects) will be translucent among these?

(a) smoky glass        (b) muddy water        (c) thin plastic sheet    (d) all of these

(v) Which among these options is completely soluble in water?(a) Soil                     (b) sugar                                (c) sand                           (d) silver

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