Aim-Controlled pollination-emasculation, bagging and tagging

Materials Required-Plants with large bisexual flowers, Tweezers, Scissors, Brush, Alcohol, Rubber bands / threads, Polythene bags, Tags, Magnifying Glass etc.

Principle-Controlled pollination is a step of artificial hybridization. Emasculation is followed by a controlled pollination. The process of removal of stamens from bisexual flowers in order to prevent self-fertilization is called emasculation. Emasculation is carried out long before the anthers mature. Covering of emasculated flower to prevent any unwanted pollination is called as bagging.

After bagging tagging is done. All the relevant informations like date of emasculation, Name of flower, by whom emasculation was done etc. informations remain written on the tag. This tag is tagged with the bag by thread or rubber bands.

The knowledge of the flower structure, pollination, physiology of flowers and fertilization are important to do artificial pollination for developing flowers, seeds, fruits and plants with desired characteristics.  

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(i) A bud of flower was selected and it’s stamens are removed. This is emasculation. It was marked as female parent plant.

(ii) The flower is then covered with a plastic bag to prevent unwanted pollination. It is called as bagging.

(iii) The anther of male plant with desired characteristics were brought in contact with this after temporarily removing the bag and it’s pollen grains were dusted on the surface of the stigma.

(iv) This artificially pollinated flower is immediately covered with a polythene bag and tag was attached with requisite informations.


(i) Procedure should be carefully done during emasculation.

(ii) Desired characteristics of male plant should be predecided.

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