The bones of our skeleton system are hard and cannot bend. But, because of joints we can bend, and rotate our limbs. It is possible due to joints. The place in our body where bones meet each other is called as joint. It helps in walking, running, swimming, skipping etc. like movements. There are different types of joints in our body. But the main four types of joints have been discussed here.

 (i) Fixed Joint     (ii) Pivotal Joint      (iii) Ball and Socket Joint      (iv)Hinge Joint


(i) The joint of bones which cannot move at all are called as?

(a) Fixed joint        (b) Pivotal joint        (c) Ball and Socket joint     (d) Hinge joint

(ii) Which joint is found in neck?

(a) Fixed joint         (b) Pivotal joint        (c) Ball and Socket joint    (d) Hinge joint

 (iii) Shoulder joint and Pelvic joint are examples of which kind of joint?

(a) Fixed joint        (b) Pivotal joint     (c) Ball and Socket joint       (d) Hinge joint

(iv) The joint which shows movement in one direction only is-

(a) Fixed joint         (b) Pivotal joint       (c) Ball and Socket joint    (d) Hinge joint

(v) The elbow and knee shows which type of joint-  

(a) Fixed joint      (b) Pivotal joint        (c) Ball and Socket joint      (d) Hinge joint


(i) (a) Fixed joint

(ii) (b) Pivotal joint

(iii) (c) Ball and Socket joint 

(iv) (d) Hinge joint

(v) (d) Hinge joint

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