COMPONENTS OF FOOD Chapter 2 Class 6 (C.B.S.E.)

Vitamins are essential for the protection of body from diseases. They are required in trace amount. Deficiency diseases are caused due to lack of vitamins. e. g-Anemia, Rickets, Scurvy etc. Vitamins are mainly found in fruits and vegetables. Vitamins are also found in cereals, milk, honey, egg, fish, meat, pulses and sprouts. Vitamins are taken from outside our body but in the sunlight our body can prepare vitamin D.
On the basis of their solubility, there are two types of vitamins-
(i) Fat soluble vitamins- They are easily absorbed by the body fats. e. g.- Vitamin- A, D, E, and K.
(ii) Water soluble vitamins- They dissolve in water. Excess amount of these kinds of vitamins are removed from the body through urine. e. g.- Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C. 

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