Gone are the days when OX were immensely used in agriculture. The role of this animal is hardly being accepted by the Indian Peasants. There are only a few peasants who have attachments or inability to pay ever increasing agricultural input costs are rearing this very animal. Ox is developed after sterilization of male calf . In villages I have seen how painfully sterilization of such innocent calf were  done to avoid them to develop into bull. They were used in ploughing, in bullock carts for carrying objects and extracting grains from crops.  Their dung is used for fuel in bio-gas plants. Long time stored cow dung naturally converts into humus, a natural fertilizer. They were economically beneficial.So, ox have had their own importance for the farmers and the environment.
In these days keeping ox for agriculture has become a non-profitable business.The cost of fodder and food -supplements is too high. Whenever the animal becomes ill again medicines put burden. Beside agriculture work they will not be very useful. Lack of space for keeping them is another reason.Time is a major factor. In comparison to tractors and harvesters they are slow working animals. Butchers are also giving good prize for the male calf. Therefor, in totality rearing of ox is a kind of negative practice.Farmer like Shri Prem Nath Singh Kushwaha, Kalee Charan Singh Kushwaha  says that there were as such no benefits to us from ox. 
Yes, ox is not accepted animal in these days but one day will come when fossil fuels will end up or technology will not be affordable by the farmers then these innocent ox will be regarded and used in agriculture.

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