M.C.Qs Crop Production and Management Chapter 1 Class VIII, C.B.S.E.

Q.1 What is the practice of sowing seeds at random by hand is called?

(a) Spreading 
(b) Dissemination 
(c) Broadcasting
(d) Transplantation
Q.2 Which among these is used for levelling of ploughed field?
(a) Plough 
(b) Hoe 
(c) Cultivator 
(d) Leveller
Q.3 Which among these is/are organic manure?
(a) Compost 
(b) Green manure 
(c) Farmyard manure 
(d) All of these
Q.4 Inorganic substances used in increasing crop productions are-
(a) Urea 
(b) Potash 
(c) Super phosphate  
(d) NPK 
(e) Ammonium Sulphate 
(f) All of these
Q.5 What is true about manures?
(a) Do not enhance water holding capacity of soil
(b) Do not make soil porous
(c) Increases the number of friendly microbes
(d) Degrade the texture of soil
Q.6 Which among these is a modern method of irrigation?
(a) Ponds
(b) Dams 
(c) Tube-wells 
(d) Sprinklers
Q.7 Supplying water to the roots of plants drop by drop is called as-
(a) Tube-well based irrigation 
(b) Canal System of Irrigation 
(c) Drip Irrigation 
(d) Sprinkler system of irrigation
Q.8 What is 2, 4-D ?
(a) Weedicide 
(b) Herbicide 
(c) Rodenticide 
(d) Fungicide
Q.9 Cutting of matured crop is called as?
(a) Harvesting 
(b) Winnowing
(c) Threshing 
(d) Non of these
Q.10 What should be the the moisture content percentage or less than that for safe storage of grains?
(a) 4% 
(b) 14 % 
(c) 24% 
(d) 34%

1.(c) Broadcasting   2.(d) Leveller     3.(d) All of these     4. (f) All of these      5. (c) Increases the number of friendly microbes    6.(d) Sprinklers     7. (c) Drip Irrigation      8. (a) Weedicide                    9. (a) Harvesting     10. (a) 4%

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